Vienna, Austria

MJET increases its charter fleet following the addition of a brand new Global 6000 ultra-long-range jet to its AOC. The Austrian operator has taken delivery of the new large cabin aircraft from its manufacturer in Montreal, Canada following one week inspection and certification formalities.

When asked to describe the difference between the Global 6000 and the Global 5000 — both types in operator’s fleet — MJET’s Global fleet chief pilot, Julio APARICIO, explains: “First of all, the Global 6000 has 1000 nautical miles more range than the Global 5000. It is one of the very few ultra-long-range jet types currently built. The Vision cockpit, in service since last year, has been designed with safety and enhanced situational and system awareness in mind. In a Vision cockpit the pilots are better informed about what is happening in the aircraft and outside the aircraft, e.g. the SVS (Synthetic Vision System) lets the pilots see the terrain ahead and around them, thus enhancing safety tremendously when you fly to an airport you are not very familiar with.”


Global 6000


Aircraft performance and features:

Range: 11,100 km
Maximum Cruise Speed: 950 km/h
Max pax: 12-13
Engines: Rolls-Royce Deutschland BR710A2-20
Avionics: Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion


About MJET

Following its foundation, back in 2007, MJET has quickly become one of the leading Austrian business jet operators, holder of an Austrian operating license and air operator certificate. The company is specialized in commercial and private operation of large business jets, mainly out of CIS and CEE areas. With a fleet of 13 business jets and several new aircraft delivery projects currently under its management, MJET provides a full set of aviation related services, including consulting, aircraft sales & acquisitions and brokerage, up to commercial operation in accordance with the strictest EU OPS 1 regulations or FAR Part 129. In addition, the operator is approved as a CAMO+ which includes the privilege of execution and certification of airworthiness reviews.


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