Legacy 650/600.

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Legacy 600

Characteristics and Performance (Legacy 650/600):

Engines APU Avionics
RR AE3007A2 Sundstrand T-62T-40C14 Honeywell Primus Elite
RR AE3007A1E Sundstrand T-62T-40C14 Honeywell Primus 1000
Max. Range Max. Cruise Speed Mmo MTOM Cabin dimensions (L/W/H) Passenger Capacity
7,223 km 828 km/h Mach 0.80 24,300 kg 12.94 / 2.10 / 1.82 m 13-14
6,297 km 828 km/h Mach 0.80 22,500 kg 12.94 / 2.10 / 1.82 m 13-14

Embraer (Empresa Brasileira de Aeronautica) – the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer, developed the Legacy 600 business jet on the basis of the regional ERJ-135. After introducing significant changes to the fuselage, new fuel system, engines, etc., the aircraft was certified for landings in the most complicated European airport – London City Airport.

One of the first things that will impress is the cabin size. Comparing to other super-midsize aircraft, 15.2m long cabin will seem huge. Nevertheless, the usual configuration is designed to accommodate up to 13 pax. The Legacy 600 berthing capability allows every pair of seats to easily be transformed in a sleeping place.

Another thing inherited from the regional jet is the biggest baggage compartment in its class – almost 7cbm.

According to the crew, the aircraft is behaving quite well in cold regions – about 7 minutes should be enough for warming up the cabin and start working. The full-size galley includes a microwave, an oven, a fridge as well as an ice drawer and all together will permit enjoying the most sophisticated meals onboard.

You can always enjoy the possibility to use the sat phone, listen to your favorite music, watch a movie or explore the global network through the high speed internet access available on the aircraft. Embraer’s executive sky limousine is unmatched by most other aircraft in its class in performance, operation, interior dimensions and passenger amenities. Not a huge aircraft, but everything what is needed for passenger comfort, safety and entertainment has been well thought out.

A longer-range version of the Legacy 600, the 650 has an increased maximum range. The aircraft combines the fuselage of the EMB-135 regional jet with the wings of the EMB-145. It marks the debut of Honeywell’s Primus Elite avionics suite.

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