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MJET is an Austrian business aviation operator, based in Vienna. Established in 2007, the company has received the Operating Licence and AOC in the end of the same year. MJET is complying with the EASA OPS requirements, which are mandatory for EU commercial operators.

MJET’s current fleet consists of four (4) ultra-long range large business jets (one Gulfstream G650, two Gulfstream G550 and one Global 6000), four (4) long range jets (two Gulfstream G450, one Global 5000 and an Airbus A319 Corporate Jet bizliner), one (1) luxurious VIP configured Fokker 100EJ aircraft, three (3) mid range Gulfstream G200 and one (1) Legacy 600. Short term future projects include the addition to the own AOC of a number of large bizjets including of a fifth ultra-long range aircraft.

MJET has experienced staff in both executive and operations positions, with a 24/7 Operations Control Center that enables us to serve our fleet around the globe. In addition to the daily operational work, MJET is also offering to its customers a wide range of aviation related services, including operational support for third party operators and private aircraft owners.

For additional details about MJET, please contact us at asset [at]

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